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The Members Community is a meeting place and a forum for discussion. This is where you go to connect with your fellow authors. There will be conversation and questions about craft, about the business of writing, about copyright and piracy and free speech, about books you’ve read and books you’re looking forward to, and more.

It’s also a place for you to find out more about what the Authors Guild does and to tell us what we ought to be doing more of.

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    RE: Remainders

    Are the books fiction or non-fiction? Have you thought about creating a publicity event where you donate them to a charity for the underprivileged? ------------------------------ [Robin] [Gregory] [International Author/Screenwriter] [] ...

  • Nonfiction -- self-help and current cultural phenomena.  Thank you! ------------------------------ Maria Olsen ------------------------------

  • I am trying to leave Lycos/Tripod web server and they do not answer when I ask them for my FTP user/ password code nor do they reply when I ask for my blog source code in order to transfer my material. Is there an organization that helps when web servers ...